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I can personally recommend (Carole) to be very capable of working with dogs in a class environment as well as outside in the public. She has a good understanding of dog behaviour and training."

(DogsTrust - Harefield, Middlesex. 2009)



"Carole is very calm and patient with my dog and her training and behavioural techniques have had a beneficial effect."

(SH. 2011)



"I am impressed by her calm manner, knowledge, perception and discernment when dealing with dogs."

(FW. 2011)



"Carole has been very helpful with regard to my dog and his behaviour. My family and my dog have learnt a lot and his behaviour has improved considerably."

(LW. 2011)


"The advice she has given has been invaluable, we read so many things on positive and negative reinforcement, to punish or not to punish etc. The positive method has worked wanders and we are on the way to being able to leave our 4 legged friend at home for a few hours.

Can't recommend Carole highly enough!"

(GS. 2014)



"We have had our first session with Carole and are very impressed. We have lots of homework's to do but are now feeling extremely positive about what has been put in place. Thank you."

(CB. 2014)


"I enjoyed the sessions - needed more for me than Lucy Lou. I didn't really know what to expect but I am so pleased that I contacted you." (DA. 2015)


"Carole is a member of Pet Professional Guild and she totally does "what it says on the PPG tin"; she shows people how to train their dogs using only kind, force free, scientifically proven to work methods. In addition, Carole goes above and beyond training by explaining why a client's dog is behaving the way it is and how to adapt training accordingly." (LR. 2016)




These are some comments received about myself and my services from clients, canine organisations and fellow professionals.



Association of Pet Dog Trainers

(Member no. 01164)



The Canine Behaviour and Training Society (Provisional member)



Please check out these websites for useful information regarding the services that they offer, member lists, membership criterea, general information and events.


They are both members of the 'Animal Behaviour and Training Council' which is a newly formed regulatory body that sets and maintains standards which is recognised by DEFRA.



The Pet Professional Guild

An International organisation of professionals who adhere to non-punitive training methods.