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Our Puppy and Novice Pet Dog classes are now being run by Fleur Broderick or Fleur's Happy Hounds.

With venues in Verwood and Broadstone.


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BETTER DOGS offers SCENTWORK 4 FUN classes at Woodlands Village Hall BH21 8LJ.

These are suitable for any age or ability dog. No previous training required, or a great activity for dogs and their owners to learn if they have completed their obedience classes or looking for alternative activities.


See our 'Scentwork Classes' page for more information.


Do you want to offer Scentwork to your clients? Please contact if you want to arrange a Scentwork Taster session. We provide the equipment and Instruction for the Taster session, then you can create and run courses to suit your requirements, or we can provide further instruction. Scentwork is also increasingly being utilised in Behaviour Modification work on a 121 basis.


Carole is a Recognised Scentwork UK Trainer, plus has attended 'Talking Dogs Scentwork' workshops with her own dog and completed Scentwork courses on-line.





Please Note: Carole is no longer providing 'Behaviour' Consultations due to other ongoing commitments.

Carole is still involved with local Rescues regarding providing occassional training and behaviour advice.


Please refer to for your nearest Clinical Animal Behaviourist or Accredited Animal Behaviourist for those local to your area if needed.


Scentwork: These classes provide low impact exercise and mental stimulation for dogs using an activity that is low arousal and often helps dogs expend energy in a calmer environment than the many high energy activities. They are suitable for any age or ability dog, as long as the dog loves to 'sniff'! We have had deaf dogs, sight impaired dogs and amputee dogs all enjoy this activity.


Do you run Puppy classes/ Parties? In addition to referring your clients on to Pet Dog Training classes where they can build on their skills at the important learning period of their lives (see for recommended training classes) we have helped owners steer their dogs through that 'adolescent' stage where they may have completed their standard training classes, but require more controlled mental stimulation which helps them refocus their brains on to learning. If you do not have details already of our classes, please get in touch.


We have also run Puppy 'Scentwork and Socialisation' classes in the past which have incorporated Scentwork, basic puppy training and puppy socialisation for something different.