'BETTER DOGS' inlcuding;

Scentwork 4 Fun Classes

'BETTER DOGS' is run by Carole Tindall.


My aims are to help owners understand the reasons for their dog's behaviour, provide ethical and knowlegeable solutions, plus assist training of owner's dogs in a compassionate, effective manner. An understanding of how dogs think, behave and learn along with repsect and patience, are key to obtaining desired results and reducing stress. It is always a pleasure to see dogs progress and have fun learning new skills whether in training or behaviour related work.


I have been involved with training dogs since 2002 both with classes and offering individual help to dog owners. I was also connected with various Rescue Centres between 1997 and 2009 including the RSPCA, Mayhew Animal Home and also at the DogsTrust, where I was involved in taking Pet Dog training classes for their Rescue dogs. I currently volunteer on a regular basis with local Rescue 'Waggy Tails' as over the years, I have enjoyed my volunteering immensely and it provides essential 'hands on' learning and experience with all breeds, sizes and types of dogs.


I have been assessed as meeting both academic and practical requirements to reach Full membership of both the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The Canine Behaviour and Training Society, both longstanding and well recognised organisations in the forefront of Training and Behaviour for dogs and their owners.


It is advisable to employ professionals that you feel happy and confident with, ideally assessed by recognised Training and Behaviour organisations such as the APDT, PPG and TCBTS, so that you can be assured of knowledgable, science based and ethical services for you and your dog.


A.Dip CBM (Distinction): In 2007, after several years of academic study I attained my 'Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management'. This is an industry recognised qualification required for those wishing to offer services as a Canine Behaviourist. It is currently the minimum level of academic qualification accepted by The Canine Behaviour and Training Society, with the longer term option to study to BSc level. It is also accepted by the Animal Behaviour Training Council as a level 5 (Foundation degree level) qualification.


Dip Can.Psy (Distinction): Diploma in Canine Psychology - I attained this level 3 accredited (ocn) qualification in Canine Behaviour in 2003.


In additional to belonging to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The Canine Behaviour and Training Society I am a Full member of the 'Pet Professional Guild' (PPG). This organisation is worldwide and its members agree to offer 'force free' training and behaviour services to clients. They provide ongoing education and information by the top professionals in various fields of expertise.

All of these established and respected organisations require their members to follow a strict Code of Practice which assures owners of a professional, knowledgeable and ethical approach to helping them with their training and behaviour requirements.


Classes: CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE IN VERWOOD (Evenings) and WOODLANDS (Sunday mornings). See 'Training Classes' page. I have many years experience of both assisting and instructing at other Trainer's classes as well as running my own. Come and join us! I also regularly continue to assist and instruct other Trainer's classes.I have first-hand knowledge of several local Training classes.




Fleur Broderick


Tel:07986 096 926/ 01202 892498

email: mail@fleurshappyhounds.co.uk




Carole Tindall


Tel: 01202 814681 / 07732 743719

Email - Please use the contact page on this website




Current and ongoing training:

I am training my dog in the activity of 'Scent Work' for Fun.


I have attended courses with Talking Dogs Scent Work run by Pam Mckinnon - There are 6 levels on the scheme to progress through, ultimately if wished, to qualify as an Accredited Scentwork Handler.

(see www.talkingdogscentwork.co.uk).


I have recently attended a 'Train the Trainers' training day with Scentwork UK. As a result I am now a Scentwork UK recognised Level 1 Trainer offering classes based on Scentwork UK syllabus methods. (see www.scentworkUK.com).


These are just two of various methods for teaching scentwork, my aim is to learn and understand different techniques so that I can offer owners options and assistance in their preferred method.


Clicker Training: I currently hold the CAP Level 2 (Competency Assessment Programme) (Distinction) with Kay Laurence's 'Learning About Dogs'. I am working towards my CAP3 qualification.

(see www.learningaboutdogs.com)


2016 - I have recently commenced a programme of studies that will both increase my knowledge of dogs and enable me to expand services that I offer in the future.

Canine Nutrition Certificate and a Diploma in Pet Sitting: Both are with Compass Training and Education. For this and many other great courses on dog and animal behaviour see www.compass-education.co.uk for further details.


All these ongoing skills will enable me to enhance and extend my services to pet dog owners.


My own dogs have mainly been Rescues (including 'cruelty' case dogs) and some have achieved up to Gold level in the Kennel Club 'Good Citizen Dog Scheme'.

As a result of owning several Rescue dogs, I have first-hand experience of a variety of behaviour issues these dogs 'may' display from time to time and how we can support both dog and owner to overcome such situations. I also volunteer regularly as a dog walker at a local Rescue Centre, which provides ongoing practical 'hands on' work with Rescue dogs.


Other activities with my dogs have included and ongoing are;

Clicker training (including being a member of a Demonstration Team), 'Fun' agility, flyball, Heelwork to Music plus 'Pets as Therapy' work and Scent Work training.


I look forward to continuing to help owners and their dogs, whatever their needs may be.


click here for full up to date details of my 'Canine CV'





Association of Pet Dog Trainers

(Member no. 01164)



The Canine Behaviour and Training Society

(Full member)



Please check out these websites for useful information regarding the services that they offer, member lists, membership criterea, general information and events.


They are both members of the 'Animal Behaviour and Training Council' which is a newly formed regulatory body that sets and maintains standards and which is recgonised by DEFRA.



The Pet Professional Guild

An International organisation of professionals who adhere to non-punitive training methods.