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'BETTER DOGS' is run by Carole Tindall.

My  aims are to help owners in training their dogs in Good Manners and General Obedience  using kind, fair and compassionate methods. Whether a puppy,  adult dog or a newly rehomed dog. We can help with your training needs and help understand the reasons for your dog's behaviour,  provide  ethical  and  knowlegeable solutions.   An understanding of how dogs think, behave and learn along with  repsect  and patience, are key  to obtaining desired  results and reducing stress. It is always a pleasure to see dogs progress and have fun learning new skills. I also have run popular Scentwork classes, though these have finished, I can provide individual tuition on this FUN activity in your own home. Plus I offer fun 'TASK' (Home Help) training tuition, to teach your dogs with everyday tasks around the home, please see our Training Services page for further information.

I have been involved with training dogs since 2002 both with classes and offering individual help to dog owners. I have also been connected with various Rescue Centres since 1997  including: The RSPCA, Mayhew Animal Home and also at the DogsTrust, where I was involved in taking Pet Dog training classes for their Rescue dogs. I currently volunteer on a regular basis with local Rescue 'Waggy Tails'. Over the years, I have enjoyed my volunteering immensley and it provides essential 'hands on' learning and experience with all breeds, sizes and types of dogs.

I have experience of owning several dogs, whether  early family dogs (Cocker Spaniel, Dalmatian, Mixed breed dog, Chihuahua) along with several of our own Rescue dogs, all mixed breeds, and some arriving with various behaviour issues along the way!

I have been assessed as meeting both academic and practical requirements to reach Full membership of both the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The Canine Behaviour and Training Society, both longstanding and well recognised organisations in the forefront of Training and Behaviour for dogs and their owners. I willl no longer be a member of TCBTS from April 2019 due to ceasing Behaviour Consultations, I will still be providing training and general behaviour advice at the same level of expertise to clients in my Training Visits.

It is advisable to employ professionals that you feel happy and confident with, ideally assessed by recognised Training and Behaviour organisations such as the APDT,TCBTS, APBC, PPG, IMDT -  so that you can be assured of knowledgable, science based and ethical services for you and your dog.

A.Dip CBM (Distinction): In 2007, after several years of academic study I attained my 'Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management'. This is an industry recognised qualification required for those wishing to offer services as a Canine Behaviourist. It is currently the minimum level of academic qualification accepted by The  Canine Behaviour and Training Society, with the longer term option to study to BSc level. It is also accepted by  the Animal Behaviour Training Council as a level 5 (Foundation degree level) qualification.

Dip Can.Psy (Distinction): Diploma in Canine Psychology - I attained this  level 3 accredited (ocn) qualification in Canine Behaviour in 2003.

**PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT NEW 'BEHAVIOUR' CASES DUE TO OTHER COMMITMENTS. PLEASE FIND BELOW A LIST OF SOME BEHAVIOURISTS IN THE LOCAL AREA (there may be others that I am not aware of, you can also visit www.abtcouncil.org.uk for a register of Behaviourists that may be able to help you).

 Local List: Click Here




Current and ongoing training:

7/2018 - I have recently been accepted as a registered Trainer for Dog A.I.D ((Assistance In Disability). See the DogA.I.D. website for more information (www.dogaid.org.uk) or if you or someone you know has a physical disability and would like to explore the possibility of training your own dog, to be an Asssitance Dog please see further information by clicking here.


I have attended courses with Talking Dogs Scent Work run by Pam Mckinnon - There are 6 levels on the scheme to progress through, ultimately if wished, to qualify as an Accredited Scentwork Handler.

(see www.talkingdogscentwork.co.uk).

I have attended a 'Train the Trainers' training day with Scentwork UK. As a result I am now a Scentwork UK recognised Levels 1-4 Trainer, offering classes (and also home visits) based on Scentwork UK syllabus methods. (see www.scentworkUK.com).

These are just two of   various methods for teaching scentwork, my aim is to learn and understand different  techniques  so that I can offer owners options and assistance in their preferred  method.

 Clicker Training: I currently hold the CAP Level 2 (Competency Assessment Program) (Distinction) with Kay Laurence's 'Learning About Dogs'.

2016 - I have recently commenced a programme of studies that will both increase my knowledge of dogs and enable me to expand services that I offer in the future.

Canine Nutrition Certificate and a Diploma in Pet Sitting: Both are with Compass Training and Education. For this and many other great courses on dog and animal behaviour see www.compass-education.co.uk for further details.

All these ongoing skills will enable me to enhance and extend my services to pet dog owners.

My own dogs have mainly been Rescues (including 'cruelty' case dogs) and some have achieved up to Gold level in the Kennel Club 'Good Citizen Dog Scheme'.

As a result of owning several Rescue dogs, I have first-hand experience of a variety of behaviour issues these dogs 'may' display from time to time and how we can support both dog and owner to overcome such situations. I also volunteer regularly as a dog walker at a local Rescue Centre, which provides ongoing practical 'hands on' work with Rescue dogs.

Other activities with my dogs have included and ongoing are;

Clicker training (including being  a member of a Demonstration Team), 'Fun' agility, flyball, Heelwork to Music plus 'Pets as Therapy' work and Scent Work training.

I look forward to continuing to help owners and their dogs, whatever their needs may be.

click here for details of my 'Canine CV' (to be updated 2018)


I can personally recommend  (Carole) to be very capable of working with dogs in a class environment as well as  outside in the public. She has a good understanding of  dog behaviour and training."

(DogsTrust -  Harefield, Middlesex. 2009)

"Carole is very calm and patient with my dog and her training  and behavioural techniques have had a beneficial effect."

(SH. 2011)

"I am impressed by her  calm manner, knowledge, perception and discernment when dealing with dogs."

(FW. 2011)

"Carole has been very helpful with regard to my dog and his behaviour. My family and my dog have learnt a lot and his behaviour  has improved considerably."

(LW. 2011)

"The advice she has given has been invaluable, we read so many things on positive and negative reinforcement, to punish or not to punish etc. The positive method has worked wanders and we are on the way to being able to leave our 4 legged friend at home for a few hours.

Can't recommend Carole highly enough!"

(GS. 2014) 

"We have had our first session with Carole and are very impressed. We have lots of homework's to do but are now feeling extremely positive about what has been put in place. Thank you."

(CB. 2014)

"I enjoyed the sessions - needed more for me than Lucy Lou. I didn't really know what to expect but I am so pleased that I contacted you." (DA. 2015)

"Carole  shows people how to train their dogs using only kind, force free, scientifically proven to work methods. In addition, Carole goes above and beyond training by explaining why a client's dog is behaving the way it is and how to adapt training accordingly." (LR. 2016)


Association of Pet Dog Trainers

(Member no. 01164)


The Canine  Behaviour and Training Society

(Full member)


Please check out these websites for useful information regarding the services that they offer, member lists, membership criterea, general information and events.

They are both members of the 'Animal Behaviour and Training Council' which is a newly formed regulatory body that sets and maintains standards and which is  recgonised by DEFRA.



Dog A.I.D Registered Trainer


Scentwork UK Trainer